overnight hike in palm springs area

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overnight hike in palm springs area

Postby spotz » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:08 am

Going to be in the palm springs area in early December for a business trip. I was hoping to do and overnight backpack trip the weekend before my meeting since that place is a winter backpacking mecca. My preference is to take the Gondola up and overnight in round valley meadow and then day hike the local peaks before coming back to the Gondola. However this is probably not going to be realistic in December unless the weather is unusually cooperative. Can someone suggest a lower altitude hike with overnight camping and interesting day hiking in the area that is less likely to have snow at that time of year. Prefer someplace that we can filter water for cooking, which rules out most of Joshua tree I would guess. I have camped extensively in Montana mountains but summer only, temps get close to freezing at night but seldom does. I don't think I would be prepared for serious winter camping/snowstorm, so unless the forecast is really good at high altitudes probably going for alternative plan.
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Re: overnight hike in palm springs area

Postby zippetydude » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:28 pm

Hi Spotz. The PCT going south out of Snow Creek may be a good choice that time of year. In the rainy season there is a stream about 6-7 miles up that flows and I have seen tents along the route. There are some beautiful hanging valleys up that way. That being said, if it is not a heavy rain year you stand a good chance of a reasonably comfortable December over-nighter even at higher elevations. The tricky part at high altitude is that it can be in the 50's one night and in the 20's the next, so I understand your caution. The San Gorgonio Wilderness is just under an hour drive away and it will offer much more reliable water sources at elevations that fit in between the desert extremes. Look up Vivian Creek Camp if you're interested. It's a little over 6000' elevation, has a very reliable water source, and offers amazing vistas with reasonably short dayhikes/xc routes. Hope this helps!

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