Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

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Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby XtremelyInspired » Sat May 13, 2017 11:28 am

What are good checklist ideas for hiking the Skyline Trail Memorial Day weekend with a Camelbak?
I am thinking of small essential items like:
Two (2), 3L Camelbak bladders filled with water and infused with electrolytes,
Extra sports drink,
Phone with GPS and trail maps loaded,
inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator with Maps and Sensors with extra lithium batteries,
Hard printout of map,
Mophie extended battery for phone with USB cord,
Toilet Paper,
Wet Wipes,
Zip Lock Bags,
Jacket (shell),
Lip balm,
Head lamp,
Extra Batteries for Headlamp,
Light pair of gloves,
fire starter,
reflective blanket,
trash bag,
small amount of duct tape,
parachute cord,
quick dry towel,
sunglasses wipe,
first aid kit,
mole skin,
scissors for mole skin,
ankle tape for mole skin,
Trip itinerary left with friend + under car seat,
Drivers license,
Credit Card,
Car Keys,
Park one car at Tram Parking Lot,
Drive to trailhead with other car.
What else could I be missing????
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail

Postby Cy Kaicener » Sat May 13, 2017 12:53 pm

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Cy Kaicener
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail

Postby XtremelyInspired » Sat May 13, 2017 1:47 pm

9.5 miles trail distance, 1.5 miles vertical distance, with no retreat possibility because of the desert heat below and the lack of enough water.
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail

Postby XtremelyInspired » Sat May 13, 2017 1:53 pm

The last time I climbed the Skyline, I made a note to myself:

Go light and fast rather than heavy and slow!

Start at midnight and summit Long Valley at daybreak. Recuperate at Mountain Station.

If feeling motivated, day hike to San Jacinto Peak and back to Mountain Station.

Ride Tram back down.
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby Ross » Sat May 13, 2017 8:58 pm

Doing the hike in the morning. If you drive are you able to park in the lot across the street from the museum, we havnt seen any signs....
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby guest » Mon May 15, 2017 12:22 pm

Hi XI,
I think this is a very good list, (I carry similar on my Skylines).
I'm assuming you listen to music, if so, on your phone? I really enjoy music on the trail, but it is rattlesnake season,
(I've encounter a half dozen in the last few weeks in areas other than Skyline), so I wear earbuds that allow me to hear, (& keep music at a mellow level).

You mentioned a hat, but for me, a full-brimmed, (stiff enough to withstand some wind), with good ventilation is a really important tool.
If possible, use bio-degradable, or re-cycled TP, and dig a proper cat-hole, (I'm sure you know this, just putting it out there for some who may be reading this that don't know, as many of us have seen the evidence).

Glad you mentioned electrolytes, as the heat is quickly returning, and water, gatorade, yuck, and similar is not enough.
As you may do, I fill a 3L bladder w/ H20, the other about 50+oz. with a properly diluted electrolyte, (I like Vitalyte, but many good ones out there w/ low sugar content).

Cash for the cab ride, (if you'll need to return to Museum. BTW, as far as I know, (afaik, is that the new speak?), you can still park across the street in the parking structure.

A map & compass! Yes, this is so simple, but it's important, (there's many times I really wish I had these & didn't).
If you have, or want to acquire some summer trail gaiters, (I like INOV8, OR, many like Dirty Girl Gaiters like thru-hlers do), this helps in early summer because of burs, fox-tails etc, (& sand & pebbles).

I also carry a shell (or two), beanie & gloves, especially this time of year, if continuing to summit.
You mentioned sunglass wipes, so I'm assuming you'll bring the shades too.

And food, I like quickly digesting foods with low sugar, to keep from spiking blood sugar levels, to maintain an even burn. If I do eat something substantial like a 1/2 turkey sandwich, I eat at the former Florian's Bucket area, the spot around 5k, (I don't carry an altimeter), where, if you wait, you can actually see the tram way down in Chino Canyon. This way, by the time you reach Flat Rock, 1k ft. later, you're somewhat digested you the final, tough push to LV. The gels, or goji berries, chia, or healthy bar are good to get the fire burning.

Have a great time, and a fantastic climb,

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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby zippetydude » Mon May 15, 2017 10:18 pm

Yikes! What a list! I go with items 1 and 3. Trying to get a bazillion items organized and packed ruins the fun for me. I go with high sun block numbers so I won't need to reapply, I keep extra gatorade cached so I can't be left high and dry, and I just go. In more than 50 successful climbs,that simplicity has served me well. Ask ss, his group and I once passed each other and I had nothing but a hip pack and a couple hand held water bottles. In fact, I once stopped and gave all my water to a friend who was doing the trail who was meticulous in his packing...but things came up during the hike, and all those extras did nothing but weigh him down once he was out of water. To sum up...I never "wing it". I travel light. I have caches in place, I start at my designated time, I make sure I am in the shape necessary to climb at a predictable rate, and I carry a phone in case of snake bite or other unavoidable hazard.

I'm not against your list if you enjoy packing and preparing. It's just that I don't. I like running. So I make sure my "essentials" are what I need to make me just as safe as carrying a large number of items. Once you're comfortable with Skyline and have made it into a predictable but enjoyable adventure, you might pare that list down just a little bit. No matter what, if you're having fun and making it safely, you're probably doing it right. Best wishes!

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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby Ed » Tue May 16, 2017 9:21 am

I know TP is not an elegant subject, but for day hikes I think it is far better to pop the paper into a ziplock bag and carry it out. And paper towel material is far better than TP. Frankly, I try to watch what I eat before a day hike to avoid the whole problem.

Zip's comments indicate that what you carry depends on who you are, and time of year. At this time of year it is mainly a matter of temperature forecast, starting time, fitness and liquids.
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby Sally » Tue May 16, 2017 9:14 pm

I am in the middle between your list and zippetydude's.
Camelbak w/electrolytes
map and compass (may as well not bother if you don't know how to use them)
Toilet paper and wet wipes and an empty baggie to carry them out. NEVER leave TP, even if you bury it. PLEASE!
lip balm
head lamp w/extra batteries
clothing layers appropriate to the weather
reflective blanket (small cheesey one)
small amount of duct tape
wallet and keys.
and PLEASE leave the fire starter at home, I would rather freeze to death than start the whole mountain on fire!
leave an itinerary
paracord, nope!
That about does it!
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Re: Checklist for Skyline Trail With Optional C2C

Postby zippetydude » Wed May 17, 2017 4:02 am

Okay, you can tell from Ed and Sally's posts that they are experienced and capable on this trail, so their rec's are as good as mine and maybe better if they fit your own personal preferences. The paper towel idea is particularly accurate - I often carry a napkin from Del Taco if I think to get an extra on the way to the trail head. The rougher material makes the paper much better than TP on the trail. Thanks Ed for that pointer. I had not consciously made that distinction. Sally mentioned lip balm. It's so light and small,why not keep it in your pack? I usually have a small tub of Carmex somewhere in the bottom of my pack, and on this hot and dry trail I almost always tap into it. BTW, a little tub or squeezetube is best for Skyline, the normal chapstick applicator is problematic once it has melted and has assumed liquid form. Also, as Sally points out, the paracord is probably useless for this hike. I don't think the reflective blanket would be a bad idea since it is so small and light and would be handy if you somehow were injured and ended up spending the night waiting for help.

Other than that, I think it should be stated that the most valuable things you can bring to the trail are experience and fitness. I have run into many people who think that bringing "toughness" would be enough. I admire "toughness" but the body does not. If a person does Skyline after doing many mountain climbs and several marathons, then their body has already assumed a level of fitness that will allow their mental toughness to be of considerable value. If a person is a hard charger and plans to use Skyline to train their body early on in their fitness program, their body will likely be overwhelmed and things may end badly. My guess, from the OP's list, is that some thorough planning and fitness training are already in place, so this sounds like a winning scenario.

BTW, Sally, leaving an itinerary is a given, so I totally agree. It weighs and costs nothing and may prove invaluable. About the duct tape...for blisters? Minor repairs? It doesn't sound bad, just curious as to the purpose.

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