Three Sisters Falls and Eagle Peak Near Julian

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Three Sisters Falls and Eagle Peak Near Julian

Postby Wildhorse » Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:38 am

The San Diego UT published an interesting story about US Forest Service plans for trails and trailhead facilities for Three Sisters Falls and Eagles Peak near Julian. ... il-julian/

The article notes the impact of social media on this area, and the large number of rescues, just as we have seen at Skyline.

My first impression is that the new trail, and especially the parking lot and bathroom at the trailhead, will add to the use and abuse of the area. The USFS appears to be saying that they will reduce the human impact. My own contact with the USFS makes me believe that they don't really believe this. So, I wonder what the real agenda may be. A friend refers to this as a ploy to control access. Of course, it is the USFS responsibility to manage the land. It may not have any great options. The facilities may reduce their potential legal liability, even if they increase the use and abuse of the land.

Recently, a person who struggles for breath and energy hiking up Cowles Mountain, told me of plans to "do Three Sisters Falls." Then, of course, on to Skyline.

The land is in trouble. Big trouble. So many people want to "Do it." For a sense of achievement and a selfie?
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Re: Three Sisters Falls and Eagle Peak Near Julian

Postby Rumpled » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:26 pm

Next, they will institute a permit system. Then a quota system. Then a seasonal permit quota system.
Then, hardly anyone will be able to go there and USFS will have solved the "problem".
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