Shoe Cushion Trick

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Shoe Cushion Trick

Postby Perry » Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:38 pm

Thought I'd share a useful trick I've been doing for 15 years. It has likely saved my knees from thousands of feet of downhill running over the years.

I just order polyurethane foam from McMaster-Carr:
Then trace my insoles using a ball point pen, cut out with scissors, and replace or add underneath or on top of the original insoles. For myself, 1/8" medium is about right. 1/4" soft will absorb more impact and better protect the front and lateral side of the knee, at the expensive of more stress on the arch (plantar fascia) and more pronation which can stress the medial side of the knee I believe. There's also a higher risk of ankle sprains going with 1/4" soft.

It is less expensive than the medical-grade Poron used by podiatrists. It's very similar, just has an industrial smell instead of the added scents.

Very few shoes these days have polyurethane insoles or midsoles because EVA is cheaper, and there's usually not a business incentive to extend the life of shoes. The reverse may be true because if the shoes break down quickly, the consumer will come back again and buy shoes sooner.
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