Heat Dome and Corn Sweat

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Heat Dome and Corn Sweat

Postby Wildhorse » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:43 am

We are covered by a heat dome now, one filled with corn sweat, say the weather people. The humidity is very high here in San Diego, near 90%. The temperatures remain fairly mild, for summer, but the humidity makes it hard to stay cool under exertion.

I saw a few hikers trying to kill their dogs yesterday, pulling them by leash up Cowles Mountain under the hot and sweaty dome. I wish animals had more power to resist human cruelties.

I have read that the weather is more deadly in the in heart of the country, even more than in the western deserts where the temperatures are higher. The heart is under the center of the dome. Many people die there. Dogs in even greater numbers, I imagine.

Early this morning, here at the edge, the dome was covered with clouds, and the dampness in the air could be smelled. It felt good, under the dome, at the edge, as long one did not move.

As hot as it may feel under the center of the dome, to me, the summer displays its full glory closer to the edge, in the desert especially. Here at the coast, I wonder what it feels like in the desert today.
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