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How to Survive the Heat

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:46 am
by Wildhorse
Last week, the NY Times ran an interesting article about surviving in the heat. It is one of the best articles of this type I have ever read. It is linked to other articles dealing with particular subjects in more depth.

Among the topics I found most interesting were:

"Researchers say one of the most frustrating aspects of heat illness is that the sufferer is often completely unaware of his or her own symptoms."

"Women sweat differently than men."

"Keep your bedroom chilly." (It has to do with building brown fat.)

"Cool your underwear." The linked article includes this tip for preparing for a run in the heat: "for maximal effect, you could drink a slushie while wearing a chilled towel, vest and shorts and sticking your arm into a bowl of ice"

Here is the link to last week's article: ... _heat.html