Injured again

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Re: Injured again

Postby zippetydude » Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:36 pm

Oh my goodness Ellen! This is horrible. I'm glad you're okay but the event sounds extremely painful. : (

Hey, since you'll be staying out of the snow for a while, you could come by and say hi in Redlands, have lunch with Ivette and me, and maybe even meet my granddaughter. We could go for a hike in Loma Linda afterwards - there's a great mountain biking/hiking trail there that is beautiful when the hills turn green. I'll be getting a backpack to carry the little one soon, so we could have quite the adventure if you're so inclined. Hiking with a noisy baby who is just learning to talk is usually a hilarious outing.

Anyway, sorry you're hurt but glad to see your indomitable spirit and happy to know that you're on the mend!

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Re: Injured again

Postby Ellen » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:08 pm

Howdy All :)

Again, thanks to everyone for your concern and kind words.

Update -- I've been expending 600 kcal in about 55 minutes daily on a recumbent bike at my sister's personal training center. I've also been taking iron to help rebuild my red blood cells. My aerobic fitness is returning. The horrific bruises on my chest and right arm have resolved. Last Friday was 4 weeks post op. I have less pain and more range of motion. I see my ortho on February 18. I hope to get a good report as I'm chomping at the bit to hike. I'd like to start with desert hikes that I haven't done -- which is most of them other than Skyline, Snow Creek PCT, Guadalupe and Jo Pond :lol: As much as I'd love to snowshoe, crampon climb, etc., I can't risk falling. Also, snow travel requires carrying more gear, which would probably put too much weight on my Humpty Dumpty shoulder. I'll also be testing out a shoulder brace before hitting the trail

Z-dude, thanks for the kind invitation -- stay tuned.

Miles of smiles,
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