Trail & Snow Conditions: Minaret Summit & Beyond, 11/28/15

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Trail & Snow Conditions: Minaret Summit & Beyond, 11/28/15

Postby 63ChevyII » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:00 pm

We hiked from Mammoth Mountain Inn to Minaret Summit, then snowshoed to Peak 10,242 Provisional via San Joaquin Ridge. Here are some quick notes on what we found:

  • Between Mammoth Mountain Inn and Minaret Summit, we did not use snowshoes on our ascent or descent.
  • Once the snow goes through several thaw and freeze cycles, snowshoes (traction) might be more useful.
  • We used snowshoes from Minaret Summit to Peak 10,242 Prov. Until about 10,125 ‘ (false summit), there were alternating areas of hard packed, wind-swept snow and powder.
  • Above 10,125′ snow coverage was very thin in most areas, until we hit the very top of Peak 10242′.
  • There were snowmobile tracks all the way to Peak 10,242.

Clicking on the link or photo below will bring you to page with more photos.
Trail & Snow Conditions: Minaret Summit & Peak 10,242′ Provisional
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