3/10 Trip Report - A Cold, Wet Skyline (w/Photos)

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3/10 Trip Report - A Cold, Wet Skyline (w/Photos)

Postby mattytreks » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:53 pm

Just a few days ago I decided on a whim to do Skyline today -- this is a min-report of my trip:

A few related side notes about this particular jaunt up Skyline: it was my first solo Skyline (big surprise since no one else wanted to hike in the cold rain with me, haha); it was my first Skyline hike in any sort of inclement weather, and also this was, by far, my latest start (7:30am).

It was a nice change starting so late, as I was able to easily see all of my surroundings from the very start. I usually start between 2:30-3:30am, and as a result the majority of the hike is merely headlamp-lit. Almost immediately I started feeling raindrops, which became colder and more frequent the higher I ascended. Ominous cloud formations were visible over the Santa Rosa's, and eventually the San Jacinto's. Cloud cover really started rolling in and by the time I got to Neverending Ridge, I was enveloped in a dense fog, temps were dropping, and I was soaked -- albeit warm -- in my various wool/wicking/waterproof layers.

As far as humanity, I only encountered five people: two couples I ran into before reaching the first rescue box, and one fellow descending Skyline just before I reached Flat Rock.

5 1/2 hours later and having slogged through a muddy upper Skyline, I crested at Grubb's Notch, where it was raining the hardest. I was actually surprised to see so many people at the Upper Tram Station, given the crummy weather.

I for one absolutely loved the experience of hiking in such weather -- feeling the elements like that makes me feel so alive! And one interesting thing I noticed during the hike is that I was smelling a quite-strong smell in some places. After walking around and smelling the various plant-life, I concluded that manzanita gives off a strange smell during the rain. Has anyone else experienced that before?

PS, for those inquiring minds -- there was absolutely zero ice or snow encountered on any area of Skyline.

Happy hiking!

Image01 by mattytreks

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Image06 by mattytreks
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Re: 3/10 Trip Report - A Cold, Wet Skyline

Postby Sally » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:47 am

Hi Matty, I always enjoy a trip report that triggers sensory memories of some of my hikes. Thank you! Yes I have noticed that particular aroma of manzanita in the rain. The rain really does make the scents and colors more intense. As long as I am adequately attired, I love hiking in inclement weather!
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Re: 3/10 Trip Report - A Cold, Wet Skyline

Postby Myth » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:16 am

Oh yes! I know that scent of manzanita in the rain very well. Ah! Just reading about it transports me in memory to various happy rain-soaked hikes.

I was also hiking, but way down in the desert, in the Mojave National Preserve. That hike was also saturated by that wonderful desert-in-the-rain smell. It started off pretty cool, around 48F or so and lightly raining. Then after a couple hours the cloud cover burned off and the breeze died. Immediately the temperature shot up to around 70 or more, and it was super, super humid. That was a bit miserable, I got soaked from sweat after the rain stopped, while I stayed dry in a light rain shell during the rain! So it goes. It was so humid that I had trouble with my camera lens fogging up.

I do love hiking in the elements when properly equipped. It really does make one feel so much more alive.
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