Skyline / C2C this weekend

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Skyline / C2C this weekend

Postby hawkbill666 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:11 pm

Hello old forum friends and gentle keepers of Mt San Jacinto,

I have not made a C2C for 4 years now and have a potential opening this weekend. I have kept myself in fairly good shape and tested myself this past month and deem myself ready.
I also have not been remiss in my duty to worship mountains. Last November I completed RIM2RIM. (those of you that said RIM2RIM was 3/4 of a C2C - lied! :) ).

The weekend the PS temperature is growing, and I am a heat wimp, so that is an important consideration.

Anything else I should think about? I notice the tram is reopened....

Thanks as always!

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