Tram walkabout - Round Valley loop

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Tram walkabout - Round Valley loop

Postby whitebark » Thu May 04, 2017 10:29 am

I went with some friends to do an easy hike from the upper tram station. After the 100 F heat in Palm Springs, it was such a relief to step out of the upper station and into the cool woods of Long Valley. I've never seen so much water running down the creek there - no drought this year! We headed up the trail towards Round Valley, while enjoying the pleasant rushing sound of the nearby creek. Past the creek ford, we encountered occasional patches of snow, some 2 or 3 feet deep.

The area around Round Valley was saturated with water - the faucet near the ranger station was gushing vigorously and nearby, a small snowmelt creek ran across the trail. Campers should be happy this year with the easy access to water.

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I was interesting in checking out the Tamarack Valley meadow, so we followed the confusing trail network to the campsite area, then headed up the valley on the old Mt. San Jacinto trail, which was hard to follow due to snow patches and fallen logs. Soon we arrived at the small meadow area, just starting to green up after the long winter. A nice spot to enjoy lunch.

Afterwards we headed back to Round Valley and took the upper part of the loop trail, which took a scenic course through granite boulders and picturesque trees to a junction with the Hidden Divide Trail. Blackened trees were evidence of the forest fire here a few years back; the trail headed west towards Taquitz Valley was closed due to the fire damage. From here, we headed back to the tram station on the Hidden Divide Trail, a scenic trip of about a mile.

All in all a nice day in the marvelous Mt. San Jacinto wilderness.

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Small meadow area in Tamarack Valley, Jean Peak in background

ImageP5010409 by whitebark, on Flickr

This hike was one of six that I did on my Palm Springs vacation. This trip report covers all six of them: ... 89#1090689
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