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Kevin on Skyline

Postby 2600fromatari » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:59 pm

Not sure if you're on this board Kevin but I hopped in the cab with you, Doug, and Vince after Skyline. I left your business card in my pocket and it went into the washing machine and was destroyed! Send me a pm if you get this. I'm up San Jacinto or something in the California ranges at least once a month.

On a side note, thought the board might like to see these pictures. Saw a family of big horn sheep right below the first rescue box. The group of 5 little lambs was very skittish and ran further away with every step I took. The solitary guy (or girl?) was protective or his little family and pretty hostile. He started charging towards me as I got closer to his family. He backed off after I got behind a boulder and slowly inched myself away. Wasn't expecting that. Getting headbutted by a sheep was not on the agenda for the last day of the year. :-)
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Re: Kevin on Skyline

Postby Ed » Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:02 pm

Beautiful pictures, and interesting experience, diving for rock cover. I did not know they could be aggressive. I saw one once at about 4k, I think it was a weekday, with nobody else on the trail. We spotted each other at close range, then he bounded away.
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