Trail Conditions from Humber Park to San Jac?

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Re: Trail Conditions from Humber Park to San Jac?

Postby Ellen » Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:03 pm

Howdy pkirkham :)

Thanks so much for the snow report on Devil's Slide 8) I'm impressed it only took you two hours to reach Saddle junction in those conditions.

We were blessed to have numerous strong people who wanted to break trail. I did what I could to help put in a snowshoe track but my major role was as navigator because other folks were so much faster :lol: The direct winter route from the tram to the summit of San Jacinto is about 3 miles. I don't know exactly when we summited but our speed was well below one mile an hour.

As those hearty souls broke trail from 10 K up, the conga line grew in size. Most of those individuals who were complete strangers yet they felt like family because we were sharing such an incredible day on San Jacinto.

Miles of smiles,
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