Water for a San Jacinto Loop out of Taquitz

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Water for a San Jacinto Loop out of Taquitz

Postby lindabeth » Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:39 pm

Hi there, I've seen the water reports for Deer Springs to the Peak, but I haven't seen much for the other trails.

I'm thinking about trying to get a permit for:

South Ridge TH to Strawberry Camp, night 1.
Strawberry Camp to Little Round (with dayhike to Suicide Rock), night 2.
Back out via the Maxwell Scenic Trail and walk to the South Ridge TH (just for something different).

I'm trying to see if this is doable water-wise. I'll plan to always have 3L. I'd also do stoveless for this trip. It looks like I'll probably be able to get water before Strawberry Camp (?). Then I'll be fine for getting to Little Round. My main concern (though if those other legs are concerning, please let me know too!) is from Little Round back, Is Wellman the only expected water source, and does anyone know if it is flowing well?

Am I crazy to try this route in the next couple weeks?

Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Water for a San Jacinto Loop out of Taquitz

Postby Norris » Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:43 pm

Hi, have you studied Hikin Jim's map of water sources? It is here: http://caltopo.com/m/6V2F
Note that quite a few of those water sources are probably dry right now, and some (particularly the small springs which are off trail) could be hard to find.
I'm not sure its a great plan. The south ridge trailhead is more difficult to access than others, the trail itself will probably be hot and dry, no water on it. Strenuous to carry overnight pack up. Once you descend from Tahquitz peak, you would probably have to seek out one or another of the small springs on the PCT in Little Tahquitz Valley or Tahquitz Meadow. While taking the trail straight to Saddle Junction would be more direct, I have personally never noticed any meaningful water just below Saddle Junction on the Devil's slide trail, so I wouldn't count on Powderbox spring.
There are a number of sources shown on HJ's map along the PCT on the way to Strawberry Junction, but without some recent beta on any of those you could find yourself at Strawberry Junction late in the day and out of water. The single truly reliable source of water would be about 15 minutes prior to reaching Little Round Valley, which you would not come to until the next day. The only water I know of on the other side of the mountain (I gather you plan to go over the mountain and come back via Wellman Divide) are the trickles at Wellman's Cienaga, but get some beta from a recent hiker to make sure those are actually still running. I haven't personally been up there recently.
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Re: Water for a San Jacinto Loop out of Taquitz

Postby lindabeth » Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:57 pm

Thanks for your take. I had looked at hiking Jim's page and since so many sources seemed questionable, I thought I'd put the feeler out in case anyone was aware of the current water conditions on the trails I mentioned. Looks like I'll save that route for next year!
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