Risk of snow on PCT last week of April, 2016

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Re: Risk of snow on PCT last week of April, 2016

Postby broberts » Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:49 pm

Hey pkirkham - thanks for the detailed and timely response. We decided some time ago to eliminate the risk of snow by opting to start at the Cedar Springs trailhead (right on the southern edge of the closed section), and then proceed south. Best Regards, Bruce Roberts
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Re: Risk of snow on PCT last week of April, 2016

Postby mattytreks » Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:10 am

pkirkham wrote:Hi, I live in Idyllwild and my wife and I just hiked (climbed!) the Marion mt. trail this past Sunday April 17. The trail intersects the PCT and follows it as the PCT/Deer springs trail for about half a mile. From that junction, where the PCT follows Fuller Ridge to the north west, we kept climbing the Deer Springs trail towards the peak where we had snow almost the whole way up except for some open sunny areas. There is still quite a bit of snow in the shady forested areas at that elevation. We encountered a bunch of PCT thru hikers who where slipping all over the place with out microspikes (we put them on when we joined the PCT). Depending upon the time of day the snow can be mushy or hard packed ice!
The weekend before my wife and I climbed to the peak from Humber Park in Idy. This is were most of the PCT thru hikers are rejoining the trail after the southern closure. We encountered snow almost all the way to the peak above Wellmans Divide (9700') and in a forested section before that. That day we met a few PCT thru hikers who were going that way to avoid the snow/ice on the traditional route....not sure who gave them that advice but I personally don't think going over the top of San Jac is going to be any better than taking the traditional PCT route down thru Strawberry Junction etc. Also, Little Round Valley campground is full of snow still!!
Hope this info. helps!

Thanks for the detailed trip report!

Ice and snow aside, how were temps and wind conditions near the summit during your trip up a few days ago?
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