Mt. San Jacinto attempt today

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Mt. San Jacinto attempt today

Postby passinthru » Thu May 11, 2006 7:46 am

My youngest son and I will be attempting Mt. S.J. today. Actually, going to leave San Diego area this afternoon, hike in about 4 miles, camp, and attempt summit on Friday. Report to follow Fri. night or Sat. a.m.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,steve p.s. Son Kent day hiked same 2 weeks ago, turned back at 9,000 feet because of deep snow.
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Postby passinthru » Sat May 13, 2006 8:58 am

We (me=63 & son Kent=30) arrived at Deer Springs trailhead about 2:30 Thursday the 11th. Very hot ascent to Strawberry Junction campground, which we had to ourselves. Some recalcitrant vandals had demolished the outhouse and spread materials about. Only saw 2 patches of snow on way up, that would change on Friday.
Broke camp about 7:00 am Friday, cached the overnight gear and headed up with daybacks. In the middle of the 'briar patches' we met 5 PCT throughhikers who had already summited and commented about the abundant snow and tracks everywhere so trailfinding might be difficult. We pressed on, finding lots of snow, minimal postholeing in the am. I dropped out at Little Round Valley campground (9,800 feet) and Kent proceeded to the summit at about 12:30. He returned at 2:30 saying that it was snow all the way, no dirt visible, and yes, there were tracks going everywhere. He was on top for about 1/2 hour and talked to a lady in El Centro via his ham radio, she reported it was 103 degs. He had to take off his boots and wring out his socks and dry them for a while on a large boulder in the sun.
We then headed down, recovered or cached gear and repacked and went for the car. We hiked about the last 1/2 mile with flashlights, saw the moon rise again, nice picture opp. Arrived at car about 8:30, home by 10:45.
If going soon, recommend at least gaiters to keep snow out of boots. Snow is melting fast, one of the stream crossings was at least 3 to 4 times the flow it was in am.
Saw 13 other hikers total, 11 of them PCT'ers.
p.s. when we got our permit, the Ranger said the snow was all gone !!
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Postby Guest » Sat May 13, 2006 10:49 am

Yes, we had a fun Hike!

There was up to 3 feet of snow near the peak, soft too. From Lt Round Vly to the peak was 90 percent snow. I some what followed the trail by map on the way up but went staight down when descending. Here a a few pictures. The trail near 9000', and the shelter.



Mt. San Jacinto snow conditions

Postby SanJack » Sun May 14, 2006 6:35 pm

Dear Guest: Thank you for the great snow conditions report. The photos are prayers answered and perfect for showing it as it is. I will take the gaiters and not the crampons.
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Postby hikin1 » Mon May 15, 2006 1:26 pm

Saturday - 13 May - Headed up from Humber Park at 0615 with our group. Turned left at the Saddle, once over the next ridgeline (the 23 switchbacks I dislike) had patchy snow until the next junction and entering the Mt San Jacinto State area. Had additional snow until the trail wrapped around and had the sun directly on it, some minor postholing. Arrived at Wellman's Divide at 0940, heard much more snow up to the peak, we had some inexperienced young men not prepared with gnaiters, etc. waited until 1100 for the group to form-up. Decided to drop down into Round Valley, more snow and lots of people wandering uphill from the tram - of course "dressed to kill" attire, asking where the trail was - "just follow our tracks up". Spent time for lunch in Round Valley, left at 1215 heading out via [ridge] and Willow Creek. [HL] was fantastic! Willow Creek - more water than I've since in the 20+ years we've been hiking the mountain. Arrived in Humber Park at 1530. A bit too much waiting for people to 'form back up' throughout the day, but it was a great day to me on the mountain. Now to get photos assembled and posted.
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