Skyline Quiz

1. Water requirement depends on air temperature, sun exposure, and body weight. On average, how much water does a hiker need to reach the Tram?

A.   1 teaspoon
B.   half-gallon (64 fl. oz.)
C.   1 gallon (128 fl. oz.)
D.   5 gallons

2. Sometimes people get lost on the upper section, especially in the dark or if there's snow on the ground. For a first-time hiker, when is the best time of day to start?

A.   Morning
B.   Afternoon
C.   Evening

3. To prepare for Skyline, it's important to do a long hike a couple weeks before. Approximately how many feet of climbing is necessary in this training hike?

A.   100 feet
B.   2,000 feet
C.   5,000 feet
D.   20,000 feet

4. What equipment is often necessary in the winter and spring?
(For reaching the upper tram station, not the peak.)

A.   Trekking poles.
B.   Rock climbing shoes.
C.   Snowshoes.
D.   Ice axe and crampons.
E.   Plastic saucer for sledding really fast.